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Pixie Rattle

  • $15.95

Baby toys from Pebble are one of a kind. Intentionally curated items produced ethically and sustainability with respect for the makers, the environment, and humanity. These toys are made entirely by hand using high quality natural materials. These products make thoughtful and unique gifts that the parent and child will cherish for a life time. Child Development is kept in mind when designing these toys. The colors, textures, and shape spark tactile, auditory, and visual stimulation. 

These rattles are handmade with colorful and soft cotton yarn that make a gentle jingle when shaken. Purposely made with no expression so children can project their own emotions onto the toy, leading to more flexible and creative play. Hand Crocheted with 100% cotton yarn and polyfill. These are machine washable, and for best results we suggest putting them in a mesh bag on a cold cycle with non-toxic detergent. Fluff in dryer for a few minutes, then air dry. 

Size: 7.7" (L) X 2.25" (W)