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Chronos Wristwatch

  • $145.00

HOT&TOT is a Dutch watch brand, founded in 2014 on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Their watches are made entirely by hand from a variety of wood and stone. The minimalistic design highlights the elegant wood material and the gemstones which are used as the dial in some of the models. The planet and the environment have always been their priority. The wood used for the watches comes from FSC-certified sources, which means the wood used is sourced sustainably. The gift boxes and shipping boxes are made from recycled material as much as possible. They have partnered with the American nonprofit foundation, One Tree Planted, so a tree is planted for every watch sold. With gratitude to their customers, thousands of trees have been planted in Bolivia and more recently in the state of Oregon.


The Chronos is our biggest watch, with a diameter of 44mm and a bold dial plate with golden details. The small chronometers show the seconds and the date. Beautiful for any occasion.

Color: black.

Size: 44mm.

Made in Netherlands