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About Us

At OliviaTrue you will find the perfect and most thoughtful gift for you or a loved one. All of our products are thoroughly researched and hand picked from artisan vendors who put endless amounts of TLC into the products they create. Most of our products come from minority and/or women creators.

OlivaTrue was founded by a mother and her three daughters. It is important for us to sell products that will bring comfort to your life and soothe your soul. Having gone through hardships ourselves, this store has become a passion project to promote products that will bring nothing but pure joy and comfort. Many of the products we sell have helped us, or brought joy during our hardships, we are confident they will be nothing but a positive for you. It is also important for us to sell from artisan vendors because we value our vendors craft, and personally, these types of products mean so much more to us than items you can purchase from big box stores or their websites.