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Raw Rose Quartz Crystal Window Suncatcher

  • £41.00
Handmade using raw Rose Quartz crystals on a gold tone plated chain, this Rose Quartz crystal suncatcher is the perfect addition welcoming crystal healing into your home. This suncatcher looks best when placed near a South facing window allowing the most natural sunlight to be reflected back into your home, bringing peace and tranquiliy in your living space.

Rose Quartz crystal is used to purify and open the heart at all levels, promoting love, self-love, friendships, and deeper inner healing with more profound feelings of peace and ease of mind. Rose Quartz crystal is calming and reassuring, it dispels negativity replacing it with positive (good feeling) energy while returning the wearer to a place of pure love, balance, and harmony.

Size: 30cm in length

Made from: Plated alloy metal, Rose Quartz
Made in China